Steven Hart

I help organisations create products, services and content that are clear and simple to use.

My expertise comes in three main flavours: research, analysis, and expression.


I conduct user research to help companies build the thing their customers want them to build.

My research focus is on qualitative insight, and I’ve helped many companies gain empathy with their customers, including Screwfix, Gatwick Airport, Barclays, Nationwide and British Airways.


I reduce, distil, re-organise and re-frame complexity, making it easy to navigate.

Information architecture is a core aspect of my professional practice: finding ways to handle complex business requirements and content so that they are quick and easy to follow is the ‘invisible’ work that good design relies upon.


I find the best way to talk to customers. 

Creating a clear voice with language and interactions brings the research and analysis to life. I help organisations build rich digital conversations with their customers, helping both to achieve their objectives in a way that feels natural and human.

Design that breaks new ground in delivering elegant simplicity is an increasingly sought-after commodity
Hugo Jamson