Insight-driven design

I am a qualified, experienced and senior user-centred design practitioner.

All my work is built on the pillars of understanding what people want, and knowing how they read, process and act upon information.

If you want to make a better product or service, here’s how I can help…


 Strategy & Vision

  • Identifying and solving the big problems: what should your product really be? (Also known as ‘service design’.)
  • Conducting the right type of research to enable meaningful design decisions. (‘Ethnographic study’.)
  • Analysis and synthesis: building a product vision based on knowing what people want and how they behave – the ‘transformation’ step.



  • Designing clear, simple and attractive interactive products and content: sketching ideas, sharing them, testing them, revising and refining them.
  • Creating detailed and appropriate design documentation: personas, user flows, wireframes, site or app maps and prototypes.
  • Devising and managing user testing sessions – both formative (exploring ideas) and summative (validating solutions).
  • Working with agile delivery teams to preserve and protect the UX vision on a story-by-story basis.



  • UX team-making and mentoring.
  • Communicating and explaining UX process, vision and strategy across the business at all levels.
  • Day-to-day running of UX teams within your own develop-and-deliver frameworks.



I trained and worked as a writer for 10 years before training in information design, writing my dissertation on simplification techniques for interaction design.

Working as a writer requires empathy for your reader (or ‘user’), and my studies in information design honed that empathy with a deep understanding of how people read, use and process visual signals and turn them into action. This is the heritage that I bring to my work as a ‘UX’ designer.

The various techniques, documents and tools that I use vary according to the job, and I pick them carefully to yield best effect with minimum faff.

I’m not driven by ego, by wanting to be seen as a ‘thought leader’ or by promoting a blog: I am driven by a simple and consuming desire to listen, think, and understand; and to create useful and lasting services and products.