This page is about information design.

Information design connects you to your customers like no other discipline can.

Fast, efficient and effective field study methods create a deep understanding of you, your products and services, and your customers. You may even see your customers in new ways. Design work is oriented around customer goals and sets measurable targets.



It starts with the human being.

Not industries, products, or technology.

The world people created for themselves evolves at an unfathomable rate. But aspects of human cognition and behaviour – the way we see, read and think – remain more or less the same. Understanding people, not technologies, is the key to making products and services that people love using. Seeing it as applied cognitive psychology is one way of understanding information design. Put more simply, it is the act of helping people do the things they want to do through design.

And prompts action.

Design should help people achieve their goals: not merely embellish, prettify or distract.

Faith in user-centred design means trusting that if you build the right thing, people will use it. Organising services, content, digital products and multi-channel experiences around the user ensures success. People love clarity, and simplicity. But clear and simple things can be made only through long hours of difficult work.  Working with technical teams, business analysts, senior stakeholders and product owners, information designers help arrange business processes around the customer. That means simplicity can shine through, and complexity removed or addressed out-of-sight.


I’ve been doing it for 20 years.

Whether it’s been called UX, service design, interaction design or something else … information design has driven my work.

And I’ve been successful, working on prize-winning websites, mobile apps, software, hardware and content for people like:

  • Barclays
  • Screwfix
  • British Airways
  • IBM
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Logicalis
  • Nationwide

I’m always looking for new challenges and outlets for my experience.

So please do get in touch…