“Amazing, thoughtful ideas”
Customer Experience Director, Barclays

This is what I do

I can help you design products and services which speak to customers clearly and simply.

And I can make your digital transformation project more effective by making it more human.

“It is the responsibility of the ‘transformer’ to understand the data, to get all necessary information from the expert, to decide what is worth transmitting to the user, how to make it understandable, how to link it with general knowledge or with information already given. In this sense, the transformer is the trustee of the public.”
Marie Neurath, 1951

Job titles in the field of user experience (UX) design come and go, but the idea of working on behalf of the user to make things easy to use and understand has been central to my professional practice for over twenty years.

The term ‘UX’ is understood differently by different people. So to avoid confusion, I describe my services in terms of the specific skills I will bring to your team:

Service design

Understanding user needs and business requirements through research, and forming the most effective services and products around them based on creative problem solving.

  • Design personas and scenarios
  • Customer experience maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Product requirements
  • UX vision

Content design

Organising content, tasks and journeys so that one step flows seamlessly into the next. Creating ‘deep simplicity’, this is the stage where complex services are made to feel clear. 

  • Information architecture
  • Site maps
  • User flows
  • Page and content specifications
  • Navigation schema

Interaction design

Creating the visual and interactive language for your product, building on the research and IA phases. Demands an extensive knowledge of interaction patterns and a natural empathy for the user.

  • Task flows
  • Paper and digital prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • UI patterns
  • Style guides

What people have said about my work

“I love the clarity”
Marketing Director, Screwfix

“Steve worked tirelessly developing our core UX navigation principles. His efforts ensure that we have a consistent experience throughout the app, and set the foundations for a scaleable design moving forward. Achieving the most simple solution always requires an incredibly complex and often frustrating process. Thanks for your hard work, Steve”
Product Owner, Nationwide

“Gatwick’s new website has landed, and it’s pretty sexy”