by Steven

If you want to know how Easter is going to affect opening times at your local Screwfix this year, the answer is this:

“We’re closed on Easter Sunday. For the rest of Easter, we’re open as usual.”

Sounds simple.

But you wouldn’t have thought so from the page on the Screwfix website that gives its Easter opening times:


To be fair to it, the page contains more information than that. It also tells you when web orders for Home Delivery or Click and Collect will be completed.

But you have to work pretty hard for that information, too.

With just a little extra work, that task could have been made easier for the reader.

For example, the shaded area roughly in the middle relates to UK Mainland. The unshaded area to the right relates to Northern Ireland. Nearly half the table is irrelevant for either UK mainland or Northern Ireland customers—but the headings at the top do not make it especially clear.

A distillation of the extra information, along with a slightly different typographic treatment, helps.

Visual design could be improved in the mock-up below, but just working with what’s available to me in this blogging software gives us:

Easter Opening Times

Stores are closed on Easter Sunday. For the rest of Easter, we’re open as usual.

Home Delivery and Click & Collect

Web order placed on…

Thursday 2nd April

Good Friday

Saturday 4th

Easter Sunday

…up to 2pm on Easter Monday

Home Delivery on…

Tuesday 7th

Tuesday 7th

Click & Collect on…

Saturday 4th

Tuesday 7th

NORTHERN IRELAND: Home delivery and Click & Orders completed one day later than the dates above.

I know people worked very hard on the original table, ensuring all the information was present and correct, and tidily laid out.

But sometimes that effort—a focus on the business requirements, not the meaning of the content—can end up with a design that’s not so great for the reader.

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