Step 3: Bring it all together

The hard work may be done during research and transformation, but it’s not the end of the story.

Everything needs to be captured, described and defined in ways that will make sense to the business, and to delivery teams. There is an art to creating design documentation for interactive products, and to working alongside dev teams to make sure that principles, ideas and approaches are maintained.

Inevitably, there will be questions and misunderstandings, and it is important to keep dev teams abreast of thinking while it is happening and once that thinking has evolved into services and products.

Experience of working in agile environments, and with developers, technical or systems architects and other stakeholders of all levels of superiority – from CEOs to interns – helps preserve design objectives and keep everybody involved focus on the vision for the product.

In fact, there is normally no discrete ‘making’ phase: outputs from research and transformation are worked upon in parallel with other activities during different design sprints.

Research, transformation and making are threaded together to make a project come to life in the most efficient way possible.


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