by Steven

I’ve worked on a few projects now where the company wanted to make its site responsive.

They began with a set of wireframes that attempt to show how their content can be ‘made to work’ across devices: a task which should be easy, surely?

But at some point in the journey, they realise content cannot just be ‘made to work’ across devices. The exercise reveals fundamental problems with the content itself, which frequently becomes bloated, degraded and unfocused over time. When you attempt to place that content into a smaller screen, the problems seem bigger than the content itself.

My first step on all these projects is to forget the ‘responsive’ aspect of the brief, and to focus on the content. Who is it for? What is it for? Can the user goal be achieved more succinctly?

In short, it is an exercise in synopsis, with some process transformation where possible.

It all results in a streamlined set of user flows, content and interaction patterns that naturally flow into any device because they are free from bloat. It makes the design job much simpler.


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